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I'm Markus Siemens, a Software Developer from Gießen, Germany

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The Elegant Math Behind Neural Networks

How neural networks work. With math. Lots of math. »

Just Around the Corner? Thoughts on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Is the Singularity just around the corner? Will Artificial Intelligence destroy us all? Will it be our doom or the cure? »

HypheNN-de: German Hyphenation with Neural Networks

Using neural networks to hyphenate German words. »

TinyDB: Past, Present & Future

Where TinyDB came from, where we are right now and where we are heading. »

RusTiny: I got Stuck!

On me getting stuck working on the RusTiny compiler. »

Never use an IDE…

While an IDE is certainly very useful there are some things to learn by not using an IDE… »

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TinyDB is a lightweight document oriented database optimized for your happiness :)
A Rust-like language compiling to x86-64 assembler
A nicer `git pull`
A Rust OneNote file parser
A simple language that compiles to JVM bytecode
An educational relational database written in Kotlin